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Judith Sullivan

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Judith Sullivan - Communicating Voice“Voice is instinctual. As an infant, without hesitation we fill the world with sound until someone says, ‘Shh, you’re too loud’, ‘Quiet down!’ or ‘Shut up!’ Later we might hear, ‘You sound funny!’, ‘I can’t understand you’, ‘You have an accent’ or ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about!’

We learn to hold the voice inside. We also learn to hold our passions, convictions and feelings inside. If we are to become effective communicators we must reclaim these natural instincts.

God gave us voices to get the sound and feelings out, to express our needs, insights and observations and to communicate with others. Helping people express themselves vocally and physically has become a very spiritual experience for me.

As a coach, my mission is to help people ‘let go’ and rediscover the power and beauty of their natural voices, thus restoring the passion and convictions they still feel, but have difficulty expressing.”

-Judith Sullivan