Presentation Skills

As a speech coach my primary goal is to help the speaker understand that we’re not just talking about presenting data. We’re talking about influencing, persuading and motivating others. Actions speak louder than words. The way we speak, walk and move, along with the gleam in our eye, convinces others we mean business. Our competitive edge lies in our passion for what we do, for what we think is right, wrong, true or false. To motivate people we must communicate with them.

Communication is an exchange of life. It is a dynamic encounter between human beings. If I am to communicate with you I must move you, stimulate you, arouse your interests, draw you in. I must share myself with you. Words alone will never achieve this.

In working on a presentation I focus on four key areas:

Is the message clear?
Is it designed for a specific audience?
Does it employ simple, direct language?

Physical Communication:
Does the speaker’s body reinforce the message?
Are the gestures genuine and natural?
Is there movement, transition from one subject to the next?

Vocal Communication:
Is the voice reinforcing the text?
Are the main points being highlighted?
Is it interesting to listen to?
Is there variety in pitch, tempo and inflection?

Do the slides support the speaker or dominate the audiences’ attention?

My specific goal in training is to evaluate the executive’s ability to engage an audience and to help the individual “see”(through videotaping) what’s getting in the way of the message and overall effective communication.