“Your direction is worth a trip half way around the world"

Scott Slade
Host, Atlanta's Morning News
Newstalk WSB Radio


“Thank you for your support and advice along the way. You contributed in many ways to make me much more effective."

Hartmut Liebel


“I would say that our experience was extremely positive. I know from speaking to each of the doctors that they learned very practical skills they are putting to use, and equally as important, they were thoroughly energized by the experience."

Kristin Hammam
SVP of Content & Programming and Editor-in-Chief


“It’s the best thing I ever hated doing"

Ed Daihl
Surgical Information Systems


"Judith did an unbelievable job preparing my senior management team to inspire our sales force during a recent sales conference. The sales force sold four times the goal established... I think that says it all about Judith."

Dick Anderson
(former) Group President, Global Business Services


"Our sessions were the most significant investment I've made in self-development for many years; measured in terms of enjoyment, challenge and most importantly usable output."

Steve Geraghty
Senior Director Sales and Marketing


"Judith not only invests her energy and time to improving my producers' performance, she invests in them as people. As a result of her mentoring, our reporters are more conversational, not just because of technique, but because they discover how to be real to the viewer; they find their strengths."

Andrew Knox
Managing Director 700 Club


"Judith has been instrumental in helping me learn how powerful an honest and centered voice can be. She challenges me to express ideas and information in a style that is simply me."

Heidi Cullen
The Climate Code
The Weather Channel


"Thanks for all you do for us."

Tom Johnson
(former) President, CNN


"For several years now, Judith has done a tremendous job in coaching me, and my entire team, through the speech process. Her skills in voice development, presentation style, and media coaching have been invaluable in helping us effectively get our message across to thousands of franchisees in various worldwide conferences."

Tom Oliver
(former) CEO, InterContinental Hotels Group


"Judith has a keen understanding of the business. Her advice is invaluable. She takes an honest, direct approach to finding problems and, more important -- solutions."

Linda Stouffer
CNN Headline News Anchor


"It is strange to see oneself on tape, having someone tell you you're not convincing (and you think you are extremely convincing), then come the suggestions and all of a sudden you realize it…she is right! It was a great experience and great fun with a lot of useful suggestions…""

Roberto Ferri
Director Business Development/Sales


"Judith is a true professional. She is the best stress reducer I know of. Use her to get the results you want... you won't be sorry."

John T. Sweetwood
(fomer) President of the Americas
InterContinental Hotels Group


"We found a tremendous talent when Judith Sullivan came to Richmond to work with Pat and Betty, the Reynolds Kitchens Home Economists. She has taken the mystique and fear out of media communications enabling Pat and Betty to be professional, credible company spokespersons while allowing their natural personalities to shine through. Judith's warm, easy-going style makes her a delight to work with."

Susan Kerr
Manager, Advertising Services
Reynolds Metals Company


"Judith Sullivan's professional coaching in her 3 day workshop has provided a solid foundation for many of our managers to improve the message they desire to communicate internally and externally. Team and individual coaching sessions put to use the tools Judith provides and enhances the employee's value and provides them the confidence they need in presenting in a challenging environment."

Rick Evans
VP Global Business Units


"Whether it's a delivery problem, accent or voice control, Judith is the ultimate fixer. An invaluable aid in achieving anchor and reporter on-air excellence."

Bob Furnad
(former) President, CNN Headline News


"The improvements we made on my voice have been a huge part of my professional success. And it wasn't just vocal quality; we worked on speaking more confidently. This confidence has translated into a great on-air presentation as well as communication and negotiating skills off-camera."

Jennifer Carfagno
The Weather Channel


"Judith made me aware that striving for perfection is not always effective but communicating your message passionately is. We automatically get it right if we really want to get the message across. It was a great experience with honest feedback."

Peter Sykora
Operation Manager
Jabil/Vienna, Austria


"She's a miracle worker. I think what Judith has done for me is help me find my own voice, and not try to emulate the stereotypical broadcast voice."

Art Harris
Reporter, Court TV


"When I met Judith I had been doing presentations for over 25 years. I really thought I was pretty good until I spent 15 minutes with Judith and found out how bad I really was!! After 90 minutes she had me sounding like a pro. Her coaching allowed me to reach my goal and now, I would never try a big event without her guidance."

Fred Shaftman
(former) President of Sales, BellSouth


"She's masterful at molding the voice you need for our industry."

Kathy Hardegree
President, Atlanta Models & Talent


"If you want results, put Judith to work. In only a few hours of one-on-one coaching she can help you make the difference between successful speech and the one we all fear."

Craig H. Hunt
Vice-Chairman, InterContinental Hotels Group


"Judith taught me to concentrate on the message and the audience and to relate the message to my own experience. In other words, to use myself as a medium to convey the message."

Anna Jozwicka
Regional Employee Development Manager


"As a financial businessman and public speaker, I learned from Judith the importance of precision in speech. I use the lessons that she taught me every single day."

Phil Kaplan
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Salomon Smith Barney


"Judith brings out the best in you. She quickly assesses your natural style and accentuates the positives that turn a good speech into a dynamic speech."

Donna Lee
(former) Chief Marketing Officer, BellSouth